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The Meres & Mosses of Shropshire and Cheshire are a forgotten mosaic of wetlands, important for some of the rarest wildlife in the UK.

Funders, including UK government and the Heritage Lottery Fund, have funded an ambitious programme to improve the value of this landscape for the people and wildlife living in and around it through the implementation of a Nature Improvement Area and a Landscape Partnership Scheme.

Nearly £2m has been awarded to engage communities, raise awareness, conserve and restore key habitats and support landowners to conserve and protect our special wildlife.  

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What's going on?



New water vole colony found in the Meres and Mosses

The protected species, which is declining elsewhere in the UK is thriving in north Shropshire.


Business Environment Network launching in November

New network formed to bring together companies from around the Meres and Mosses area.

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Species Seekers Talk

A talk about the history of plant and animal collecting by Joan Daniels.

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