Meres and Mosses I-Spy Trees Days

More than 20 people attended each of the I-Spy Tree days with Treehunter, Rob Mcbride in search of veteran and noted trees. A gallery of the days can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

I-Spy Trees Day One

I-Spy Trees Day Two

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Did you know?

The area of Fenn's, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses combined is the third largest area of raised peat bog in Britain. On average, 1 hectare of peatland can store 10 times more carbon than 1 hectare of woodland

What's going on?



Rare jumping spider found on Marches Mosses

After a lapse of 30 years a rare bog dwelling spider, Sitticus floricola, has been rediscovered living on Fenn’s, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses National Natu...


Lapwings benefit from recent management work

Young lapwings have been caught on camera by local photographer Stephen Barlow.

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