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Throughout July and August, the Meres and Mosses and Sciencewise aim to discover what people think of the Meres and Mosses Nature Improvement Area. Anyone living within the postcode areas SY12 SY13 CW1 CW2 CW5 CW98 are encouraged to come along to one of six workshops,  to voice their opinions on what they feel the future of this important area should hold. Whether it should be protected for its wildlife and landscape value, intensively farmed, managed as a tourist destination or used as a provider of power technologies, we want to hear your thoughts.

The workshops take place on the following dates and booking is required for each:

15th July– Bickley

16th July– Whixall

4th and 6th August- Whitchurch

5th and 7th August- Ellesmere

Contact Luke Neal 01743 284275 to book a place.



The earlier you get involved the more opportunity you have to influence the local landscape's direction and shape the future. The Meres and Mosses are unique and ancient features of a special landscape, one that like all landscapes reflects the relationship between people, history, wildlife, geology and place. However we enjoy the area – whether we live here, farm here, work here, study the area or visit it for enjoyment and inspiration, our shared aim is that this landscape continues to support the quality of people’s lives, now and in the future – but how we achieve that is not straightforward. As well as practical activities to be undertaken – we ‘re thinking about how to shape a bright future for the Meres and Mosses. The more people involved in shaping the future, the better, and that’s why we’re convening a Public Dialogue about the Meres and Mosses Nature Improvement Area.

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