Restoring the Marches Mosses

As part of the development of the Meres and Mosses project, Natural England, Natural Resources Wales and the Shropshire Wildlife Trust have bid for funding to carry out extensive management works and encourage more people to understand the mosses through volunteering, improved appropriate access and research. We are also purchasing additional land adjacent to the existing Nature Reserve including the old Furber scrapyard and flooded fields to the South.
We are now consulting with local communities and site users to understand what you feel might be appropriate ways of raising the profile of the nature reserve and how this fits into your vision of the future for the region.
Please come along to any of these local events to give us your views:
Whixall Social Centre Wednesday 10th Feb between 7.30pm and 9pm
Bettisfield Village Hall Thursday 18th Feb between 6pm and 9pm
Bronington Primary School Tuesday 23rd Feb between 6pm and 9pm


Please visit the survey page here: 

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Did you know?...

The Meres and Mosses landscape was formed by retreating glaciers 12,000 years ago. Now, lowland raised peat bogs are one of the most endangered habitats on Earth.

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