Farm grant applications now closed

The Meres & Mosses Farm Grant has been available since the beginning of the Meres and Mosses  in north Shropshire and south Cheshire. The funding was primarily available for projects aimed at improving water quality within the project area, although habitat restoration / creation projects were also considered. Eleven projects have been completed so far, with a further 6 currently being delivered. The details of the remaining applications are now in the process of being finalised.

The grants have benefited a wide range of projects: watercourse fencing, yard concreting, rainwater harvesting and the creation of a pond. The total value of these projects is £41,000 but the final spend is likely to be in the region of £65,000.


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The Water vole declined by 90% in the 1970s in England, but is still found in many parts of the Meres and Mosses.

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