Lapwings benefit from recent management work

Lapwings were once a common sight of lowland farms and mosses but this familiar looking (and sounding!) bird has suffered huge declines in recent years and is now Red Listed. Lapwings tend to nest around 'scrapes' in low-lying fields with open areas of shallow water and can occasionally be seen around the edges of Fenn's, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses. Some juveniles were photographed by local photographer Stephen Barlow in the past week- in the linear cell dams that have been installed to help control water levels on the mosses and surrounding land.

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95% of UK wetlands have vanished over the last 300 years due to drainage and pressures of land use

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Lapwings benefit from recent management work

Young lapwings have been caught on camera by local photographer Stephen Barlow.

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