Festive event proves popular

Although the weather was cold the rain held off until just after the event finished.

Participants were shown how to make a traditional Christmas wreath using natural materials gathered from the Mosses by the Natural England team. Wreath making was a traditional activity for families living around what is now the Fenn’s & Whixall NNR and the whole family, including young children, would play a part.

One attendee was told by her 75-year-old grandfather that he remembered helping collect materials and make wreaths when he was a child of five. The activity formed a large proportion of the annual income of families dwelling around the Mosses, and the wreaths would be shipped by train to Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham.

Back then the main ingredient was sphagnum moss, the plant that forms the basis of peat regeneration. This is now a precious substance and a major part of the restoration work being undertaken by the Marches Mosses BogLIFE Partnership.

For more information contact: info.whixall@naturalengland.org.uk

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The Water vole declined by 90% in the 1970s in England, but is still found in many parts of the Meres and Mosses.

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