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The Meres and Mosses landscape is the second largest natural network of ponds and wetlands in the UK. after the Lake District. It is internationally recognised as a rare and important European habitat. 

Mosses are lowland raised peat bogs, one of the most threatened habitats on Earth. To find out more see the Story of Peat.

The Meres and Mosses is home to a number of iconic species including the rare White faced darter dragonfly, the raft spider  and the Least water lily. To learn more visit our wildlife pages here.

Local involvement is vital for the future protection and enhancement of this special landscape.

There are hundreds of ways of getting involved in the Meres and Mosses landscape. From simply getting out there on walks and cycle rides through to forming your own naturalist group or helping with our habitat surveys. We are working with local groups to provide support and training and with Parish Councils to enable local people to identify how the planning process can protect and enhance the important features in their local area. Across the whole region we will be holding a variety of events and activities from try sails and orienteering to summer picnics and the Meres and Mosses Festival in September.

Get out, discover and get involved in this special landscape.

We also have small community grants available if you have your own ideas about how you want to explore your landscape.


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The Raft Spider is Britain's largest spider and can be found on Wem Moss

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