The forerunner of the current EU and HLF-funded BogLife project was the Meres & Mosses of the Marches Nature Improvement Area (NIA - Defra-funded) and Landscape Partnership Scheme (LPS - HLF-funded) programme which ran from 2012 to 2017.  The reports on this page give an insight into this conservation, community and heritage programme which engaged people in north Shropshire, south Cheshire and smaller parts of Wales and Staffordshire to give them a better understanding of the wonder and importance of this unique and special landscape.

The first document is the final project report and shows the true potential of a programme like this one.  Rather than detail the ins and outs of the delivery of the various projects, this report focuses on how the team took a real entrepreneurial approach to the programme; constantly striving to go above and beyond the specification given by the funders to find new ways of engaging and inspiring people.

The second document is an independent evaluation of the programme; largely focusing on the HLF-funded LPS aspects.  This report shows where the team made real gains as well as what lessons were learned for how such a programme could be delivered differently in the future. 

The third PDF below is includes a summary of the themes covered during the duarion of the project.

For more information on these reports and/or the NIA/LPS programme as a whole, please contact or call 01743 284280.

Please click on the images to download a report.



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Did you know?...

The Water vole declined by 90% in the 1970s in England, but is still found in many parts of the Meres and Mosses.

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Young lapwings have been caught on camera by local photographer Stephen Barlow.


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Fenn’s, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses is a National Nature Reserve and the third largest raised peat bog in the UK.

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Bog Detectives

An introduction to the unique wildlife and landscape of the Meres and Mosses.


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A wander on the mosses followed by an art session to make your very own bog creatures.