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The past three centuries have seen devastating losses of wetlands in England: fens have been drained, grazing marshes ploughed or converted to intensive agriculture, reedbeds polluted, rivers straightened and their flood plains isolated from their former flooding regime, and lowland bogs have been extensively mined for their peat.

Because of this, wetland wildlife faces an uncertain future, and a changing climate sees the south east of England in particular suffering the consequences of both sea level rise and drought.

What we are doing

With Natural England, English Heritage, the RSPB and the Wildlife Trusts, we have formed a partnership to develop and implement a vision for wetlands and the wildlife they support.

A technical advisory group supported the partnership during the project’s development, with representatives from the National Trust, Pond Conservation, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust and World Wildlife Fund.

Together, we have developed a new vision committed to restoring and re-creating wetlands. We have brought together a range of information about existing wetland projects and the potential for future wetlands, and presented it using GIS mapping tools to enable others to access and use the information when developing their plans and strategies.

Wetlands are intrinsically linked to local communities and land managers across England - this is why we have involved a range of organisations in developing the vision. By involving others, we hope to inspire people and achieve much better co-ordinated action towards our common goals.


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The Raft Spider is Britain's largest spider and can be found on Wem Moss

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